Franklin Computers Plus

Revenue Cycle Management

Spend Less while Earning More…. using less resources and time

Franklin Computer Plus provides the skills to ensure you receive the revenue you deserve. Our Revenue Cycle Management solutions enable organizations of all sizes to accelerate revenue cycles by reducing the number of denied claims and by speeding reconciliation. Our solutions enable your organization to improve the quality of information, streamline denial management, and automate processes.

How We Can Grow Your Business

Our goal is to leverage our Revenue Management Solutions and experience to help you prosper.
Our Business optimization models have the flexibility of your business:
Design 1: Redesign your entire business operation around the latest state of the art technologies
Design 2: Design technology around your existing business model. We won’t change your operations front end but let technologies run the backend.
Design 3: A combination of both 1 and 2 for the uncertainly

The Business Owners Wish-List:

  • Make more money
  • Reduce staff
  • Reduce expenses
  • Work less hours
  • Franklin Computer Plus will work around your budget.
    Return on Investment (ROI) almost immediately.
    Prevent Money and Resources from “falling through the cracks”
    Concentrate on running a successful and growing business and let us:
  • Monitor your under billing
  • Review your unaudited bills
  • Review your unaudited contracts and supply orders
  • Assure compliance and law changes are followed
  • Take your daily routine and replace them with technologies

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