Franklin Computers Plus

Mobile Workforce

Our Mobile Workforce Solutions allow organizations to extend important enterprise information to mobile users in real-time enabling the execution of mission-critical field activities and efficient management of remote employees. Mobile employees have immediate secured access anytime, anywhere to the same accurate information as at the office resulting in improved productivity, reduced costs and increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

These connections promote customizable connection , security policies, ease of use, reduce mobile expenses, and enforce corporate standards and compliance.

Your office is wherever you are, client’s office, at home or at a hotel. Wherever you are located Franklin Computers has a solution to meet your needs to access your company applications as if you were right there in the office at your desk. All you need is a computer with access to the internet and you are ready to work.

Franklin computer Plus can implement phone service that will assure you will never miss that important call, anywhere you are. Our hosted or on-premise phone solutions allows you to receive calls, e-mail messages with the voicemail attached, or utilize the follow me feature and have the call directly routed to your cell phone.