Franklin Computers Plus

Surveillance Security

One of the biggest benefits to businesses in preventing crime related deficits is the investment in a surveillance cameras solution. Security cameras can be used to identify and record actual acts of crime, and can be submitted later as evidence to enhance results in legal proceedings. The mere presence of a security camera has proven to deter theft, not only by individual’s external to the business, but by employees as well.

One of the biggest benefits of security cameras is the prevention of loss to businesses. However, they also have applications besides crime prevention. Businesses can use CCTV to enhance staff productivity and enhance the safety of their employees. Further, businesses can reap the benefits of a CCTV camera system to provide security while eliminating unnecessary personnel expenses to provide the same service. CCTV cameras don’t require payroll services, workers compensation coverage, overtime, and other personnel expenses.

Finally, all types of businesses can benefit from the use of security camera systems. Franklin Computers Plus has implemented security camera solutions to businesses such as banks, retail stores, convenience stores, hospitals, extended care facilities, museums, college campuses, elementary and high schools, day-care facilities, restaurants, night clubs and laboratories, to name a few.