Franklin Computers Plus

Zero Down Time Strategies

The prevention of network and computer downtime is critical of any successful business operation. Franklin Computers Plus’ “zero downtime strategy” has been a proven solution for many successful business clients. We start off with an in-depth computer site survey and set up data gathering meetings with business personnel. This allows us to learn the business operations and details of the critical applications needed to maintain a continuous and productive work environment.

We then analyze user desktops for necessary security processes to prevent virus outbreaks and other harmful system bugs. We assure user data is directed to a stable server environment to protect critical business data and prevent loss of data. We also design stand-by stations for use when a user desktop fails.

At the server end, we design a real-time data image environment. This includes a redundant, high availability infrastructure to prevent loss of data access and assure other server functionality is always available. We introduce different scenarios to the business to help meet their budget while at the same time, design a solution to protect their business interests.

We then focus on internet connectivity. We design a strategy that enables auto failover of service if an internet line is compromised. This is critical if necessary data is shared between remote locations or if software applications need to be accessed over the internet.

Since unforeseen disasters occur, having data distributed off-site is critical. Statistics have shown a large percentage of businesses have terminated their operations after a loss of data occurred and no disaster recovery or backup solution was in place or never monitored periodically.

Our strategy is to implement and maintain a successful onsite and offsite data back-up solution. With offsite backups we implement a secure and encrypted solution over a VPN connection. Allowing data movement along public internet connections without this type of strategy can make business data vulnerable.

At Franklin Computers, we take business credible data very seriously. Having a backup solution is only the start, knowing the solution works, is even more important. We perform disaster recovery drills to test the effectiveness of the saved data to assure us and our clients that during a true disaster we have functional data.

OThroughout our client base, we have implemented the above backup and disaster scenarios successfully for over 20 years. Our clients know they can rely on our services to ease their minds about their computer environment and business critical data. This allows them to concentrate on their business goals.